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Fio Says You Can Make a Difference and Help Mother Nature!

• Go green with reusable bottles, bags and straws.
• Never set balloons free.
• Keep litter out of drains and waterways.
• Encourage family, friends, and neighbors to help too.
• Every act makes a big difference!

Fio Facts!

How We Eat

My bill wasn’t always curved. At first it was straight but as I got older it curved to help me eat. It is special—it is designed to let me use it upside-down! I take in a scoop of water and use my tongue to push it through a filter in my beak. Then the water drains out. You may see me swinging my head back and forth to let the water flow through my bill. The scientists call us filter feeders. 

Our Feathers

We flamingos do not get our pink feathers for several years. That is why at the beginning of my book ‘Fio the Flamingo’, Fleur, Joel and I have grayish feathers. We love brine shrimp but we also eat blue-green algae, plankton, small insects and crustaceans. Our bodies can break down the food we eat and the carotenoids give our feathers those bright colors from pink to scarlet. Aren’t we lucky! 

Where We Live

Joel, Fleur and I were born in a large colony of flamingos  along a waterway  in southern Florida. We have friends and relatives on many continents including Africa, Europe, Asia, and South America. You can find our friends in the tropical or subtropical areas of those continents. Our habitats are usually lakes, tidal flats, mangrove swamps, or sandy islands. That is why protecting the environment is so important to us—after all these are our homes!

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